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Jasmina Metwaly / Philip Rizk:
Out on the Street

  • Fri, 04.12.2015 17:30
    Talk with artists and Florian Ebner, curator of German Pavillon at Venice Biennale 2015
    Kampnagel – Alabama

OUT ON THE STREET is a film about a group of workers in Helwan, a working-class district in Cairo. Ten factory workers take part in an acting workshop. During the rehearsals, topics arise such as inequality in the workplace, police brutality and fraudulent fines, as well as countless stories of corruption and exploitation from capitalist employers. A studio on a rooftop with views over the heart of Cairo functions as a space between reality and fiction. Here the workshop participants throw themselves into their roles and back out of them and in doing so develop a piece that deals with everyday reality. OUT ON THE STREET combines scenes from the workshop with played scenes and photos from a worker’s phone, which are to serve as evidence in court in the fight against shutting down his workplace. The hybrid filmic approach aims to create a collective conceptual world that unites workshop participants and spectators in a more stretched social struggle.

Out On The Street Teaser المقطع التشويقي لفيلم برة في الشارع from Out on the Street برة في ا on Vimeo.



  • directors: Jasmina Metwaly, Philip Rizk
  • production: Mostafa Youssef
  • cast: Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El Rob‘, Ahmed Kamel Taha El Nouby, Aly Khalili, Hassan El Gharieb Mohamed, Khalaf Ibrahim Ahmed, Mohamed Mahmoud, Saeed Ramadan Hassan, Sabry Hakiem Khella
  • cut: Louly Seif
  • set design: Hassan Soliman
  • sound design: Max Schneider

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