Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Ludvig Daae / Joanna Nordahl:


  • © Chrisander Brun
  • © Chrisander Brun
  • © Chrisander Brun
  • © Hedvig Jenning
  • © Hedvig Jenning
  • © Chrisander Brun
Theater & Performance
  • Sat, 05.12.2015 19:00
    in english
    Kampnagel – P1

Two performers communicate live and via Skype-Video with each other and with the audience.
HYPERFRUIT brings the internet to the stage, with all the limitations that it means for the physique of interpersonal relations. What will become of intimate communication, if usual shortcuts like “1, 2, 3” are replaced by “1, 2, dog, Beyoncé“?

Ludvig Daae / Joanna Nordahl: Hyperfruit from Kampnagel on Vimeo.


HYPERFRUIT // trailer from Joanna Nordahl on Vimeo.


  • Concept, direction, choreography and performance:: Ludvig Daae und Joanna Nordahl
  • costume: Tove Berglund
  • light consultant: Chrisander Brun
  • film editing: Karolina Bengtsson
  • SFX: Petter Bergmar
  • Technique: Katti Alm, Björn Kuajara
  • production management: Sara Bergsmark
  • co-production: MDT Stockholm, Atalante und Dansstationen Palladium

Financial support: Arts Council Norway, City of Stockholm.

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