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Internationales Sommerfestival 2015
Christoph Faulhaber:

Das Phantom

  • © Christoph Faulhaber
  • © Christoph Faulhaber
  • © Christian Dietz
  • © Christian Dietz
  • © Christoph Faulhaber
  • Sat, 15.08.2015 21:00
    Rote Flora / Schulterblatt

Christoph Faulhaber’s artistic interventions make transparent the facades of reality. In 2013, the Summerfestival co-produced his feature film, JEDES BILD IST EIN LEERES BILD an autobiographical art film mirrored through the world of a video game. In June of this year, Faulhaber encases the Rote Flora, located on Hamburg’s Schulterblatt, with a façade made of scaffolding. Underneath it, a solidarity initiative will be renovating the real façade of the building until August. The building was occupied in the 1980s, when a theater dedicated to musicals was supposed to be erected there. On the occasion of the renovation, Faulhaber is staging “The Phantom of the Opera” as a wake-up call, a deterrent, a tragedy, an ironic exaggeration, in defiance, with a sense of ridicule, against the climate of threat, the boogeyman, as public theater for all, free, outside and loud – until the chandelier puts an end to the play and the fake façade breaks in on itself.

  • Christine: Luise Hansen
  • Raoul: Sebastian Kreuzer
  • Phantom: Tim Maas
  • Conférencier, Joker: Sebastian Römer
  • Concept: Christoph Faulhaber
  • Director: Martin Mutschler
  • Dramatic Composition: René Michaelsen
  • Costume Design: Dennis Peschke, Maria Jacob
  • Stage: Christoph Faulhaber
  • Music: Benjamin Scheuer
  • Technical Coordinator: Thomas Gimpel, Dennis Flügge
  • Live Video: Robert Falckenberg
  • Assistant Director: Lieselotte Reich
  • Band: Felix Römer (Piano), Johanna Balks (Violin), David Mechsner (Trumpet), Nils Braun (Drums), René Michaelsen (Trombone)

A cooperation with the Theaterakademie Hamburg. Supported by Genossenschaft Kalkbreite, Zürich, by the cultural department of Hamburg and TIDE.

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