Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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klub katarakt 2015 - 10 Jahre:
Porträt Lois V Vierk

  • Thu, 22.01.2015 18:00

composer Lois V Vierk has created a highly individual work, drawing inspiration both from minimalism as well as Gagaku, the Japanese court music with a centuries-old tradition. Vierk studied this music for 10 years, two of which with the leading flutist of the imperial Gagaku orchestra in Tokyo. KLUB KATARAKT presents for the first time in many years in Germany a portrait of this fascinating composer: from filigree inside-piano work over virtual six trumpets creating a doppler effect to the intense sound of five loud, microtonally tuned electric guitars.

18:00 PANEL DISCUSSION with Jan Feddersen, Robert Engelbrecht and Claudia Rüegg


20:30 PORTRAIT CONCERT LOIS V VIERK with Claudia Rüegg, L’art pour l’art and guests

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