Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2014:

  • Wed, 13.08.2014 22:30
    in english and portuguese with english undertitle
    Kampnagel – Alabama

Upon the recommendation of Juan Domínguez we present the award-winning documentation about »Dzi Croquettes«, an infamous Brazilian performance-group of the 1970ies. The irony and fantasy of the group was affronting the prevailing military dictatorship, revolutionizing the gay-movement worldwide and changing the theatrical language of a whole generation.


  • Director: Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa
  • With: Norma Bengell , Maria Zilda Bethlem, César Camargo Marian, Pedro Cardoso, Miguel Falabella, Betty Faria, Jorge Fernando, Aderbal Freire Filho, Gilberto Gil, , Ron Lewis, Elke Maravilha, Ney Matogrosso , Luís Carlos Miele, Liza Minnelli , Nelson Motta José Possi Neto , Marília Pêra, Cláudia Raia
  • production: Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa

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