Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Tanzplattform Deutschland 2014
Antonia Baehr:

Abecedarium Bestiarium - Affinitäten in Tiermetaphern

  • © Anja Weber
  • Sat, 01.03.2014 21:00 [Premiere]
    In German, English and French
    Kampnagel – K4
  • Sun, 02.03.2014 12:30
    In German, English and French
    Kampnagel – K4

Antonia Baehr has invited her artist friends to compose a score for her about an extinct animal of their choice. There is an animal for every letter of the alphabet: S for the peaceful Steller’s sea cow or T like the Tasmanian Tiger. On the one hand, the short pieces metaphorically stand for the relationship between authors and the choreographer, on the other they reflect the symbolic dimension of the relation between man and beast. »The visualisation of these foolish affinities renders categories such as species, gender, race or era obsolete.« (Gertrude Ferrant). Antonia Baehr is one of Germany’s most idiosyncratic artists and already has been invited for the fourth time to perform at the national DANCE PLATFORM. 

  • Dramaturgie: Antonia Baehr
  • Künstler/ in: Frédéric Bigot (Electronicat), Pauline Boudry, Valérie Castan, Lucile Desamory, , Vinciane Despret, Sabine Ercklentz, Dodo Heidenreich, Christian Kesten, Keren Ida Nathan (Ida Wilde), Andrea Neumann, Stefan Pente, Isabell Spengler, Steffi Weismann, William Wheeler, u. a.

PRODUKTION make up productions IN KOPRODUKTION MIT Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brüssel), HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), steirischer herbst (Graz), Les Subsistances (Lyon), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon – im Rahmen des Projekts Jardin d’Europe und NXSTP, mit Unterstützung durch die Europäischen Union und ]domaines[ (Montpellier), Tanzquartier (Wien). Koproduktion, Kreation & Residenz: Les Subsistances 2012 im Rahmen von A Space for Live Arts.

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