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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft:
Internationalisierung in der Kreativwirtschaft

  • Fri, 13.12.2013 18:00
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste


How can I sell my creative ideas and my art products abroad?
How do I get involved and what do I have to be aware of?
How can I earn more money across boarders and develop new possibilities for my ideas and my content?
And actually, how can the „Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft“ help me with that?

The creative industries mainly exist of small or even micro enterprises. For these enterprises it can be essential for their survival to get access to global networks and an international market. But what does the individual enterprises exactly need? Cooperations with enterprises in neighbouring countries, platforms or showcases for an international audience or new export strategies for cultural and creative products? In the context of Nordwind festival a panel of five Northereuropean experts are discussing which frame conditions have to be developed to promote different internationalization strategies for creative industries – e.g. within cultural tourism, at platforms such as the Nordwind festival or at transnational filmcoperations.

Panelists are:
Ricarda Ciontos (Künstlerische Leitung NORDWIND Festival)
Egbert Rühl (Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft)
Rasmus Winstedt-Tscherning (Center for Culture & Experience Economy Dänemark)
Mikael Svensson (Öresund Film Commission Schweden)
Jacob Vestergaard (STRING Network)

Host: Sarah Pust

The panel discussion will be opened with a short impuls speech by Rasmus WInstedt-Tscherning.

The first ideas for getting into international creative markets, informations about the political frame lines, funds and support for my projects abroad – we want to learn which strategies and approaches already exist, that can help us to make our work go international.

The audience is explicitly invited to join the discussion with their input and questions! The discussion will be held in English.

The event is organized in cooperation with Center for Cultural and Experience Economy and Region Skåne.

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