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Internationales Sommerfestival 2013:
The Real World - A Popular Academy

  • The Blue Marble
  • Fri, 09.08.2013 11:00
  • Sat, 10.08.2013 11:00

Theory is a crucial part of the International Summer Festival. Each week artists, theorists and the audience enter into discussions in seminar-like formats. For the opening weekend THE REAL WORLD ACADEMY will discuss languages and concepts of contemporary realisms in art, literature, politics and popular culture. The English-speaking academy is open to the public.

11:00–12:30 A Speculative Reality
Lecture by Graham Harman (philosopher, American University

14:00–15:30 Poetics of the Real
Paneldiskussion with Armen Avanessian (literary scholar,
Freie Universität Berlin) und Georg Diez (author and journalist, DER SPIEGEL).

16:00–17:30 The Mode of the Documentary
Paneldiskussion with Rabih Mroué (director / artist,
Beirut), Margarita Tsomou (author and performer,
Hamburg/Berlin) and Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat?,
St. Petersburg)

11:00–12:30 Wild Realities: The Weird, the Wild
and the Undercommons
Lecture by Judith Jack Halberstam (queer-theoretician,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles)

14:00–15:30 TV Realness
Paneldiskussion with Juan Domínguez (performer/choreographer,
Madrid/Berlin) and Thomas Morsch (film scholar).

16:00–17:30 Art-Pop and Pop-Art
Paneldiskussion with Kerstin Stakemeier (art historian,
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München) and Jan
Kedves (journalist, frieze d/e)


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