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Spielzeiteröffnung 2019/20
Boris Charmatz:

10000 Gesten

  • © Gianmarco Bresadola
  • © Gianmarco Bresadola
  • © Gianmarco Bresadola
  • © Gianmarco Bresadola
Dance / Wheelchair users
  • Fri, 27.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6
  • Sat, 28.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6
  • Sun, 29.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6

10000 GESTURES is based on the idea of developing a work in which no single movement ever repeats itself. No sooner carried out, each and every one vanishes irretrievably. 24 dancers direct the viewer’s gaze and thoughts unremittingly from the individual to the group, from details to the overall picture and back again. In a veritable shower of movements, the French choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz celebrates a unique and unrepeatable experience – the transience of dance.

Warm Up Fr-27.09. / 18:00, Ort: k4

»There’s something profoundly touching DER FREITAG about its inevitability. […] a really good and haunting work.« THE GUARDIAN

  • Choreography: Boris Charmatz
  • Interpretation: Djino Alolo Sabin, Salka Ardal Rosengren, Or Avishay, Régis Badel, Jessica Batut, Nadia Beugré , Alina Bilokon, Nuno Bizarro, Matthieu Burner, Ashley Chen, Konan Dayot, Sidonie Duret, Bryana Fritz , Julien Gallée-Ferré, Kerem Gelebek, Rémy Héritier, Tatiana Julien, Johanna-Elisa Lemke, Noé Pellencin, Solène Wachter, Frank Willens
  • Choreographic Assistant: Magali Caillet-Gajan
  • Lights: Yves Godin
  • Light Technician: Iannis Iapiot
  • Costumes: Jean-Paul Lespagnard
  • Vocal Training: Dalila Khatir
  • General Stage Manager: Fabrice Le Fur
  • Sound Technician: Olivier Renouf
  • Dresser: Mickaël Lecoq
  • production management: Hélène Joly, Martina Hochmuth, Florentine Busson

Eine Produktion von Terrain I Boris Charmatz, Musée de la danse. Terrain is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture – Direction Générale de la Création Artistique and the Région Hauts-de-France. In the framework of its settling in the Hauts-de-France, Terrain is associated with Opéra de Lille, phénix scène nationale de Valenciennes and Maison de la Culture Amiens. Boris Charmatz is an Associate Artist with Charleroi danse (Belgium) for three years, from 2018 to 2021. Gefördert im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. Gastspiel mit freundlicher Unsterstützung des Institut français und des französischen Ministeriums für Kultur / DGCA.

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