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Gender Mainstreaming


Queer/feminist discourse (as is the case in discourses critical of power structures) has always been suspected of being unassailable. And beyond that, somehow just a little unpleasant and annoying. But its objectives are no more – but also no less (!) – than to achieve gender justice and the right to free self-determination, to re-evaluate history as a history of repressions, to fight for equal treatment for all people on all social levels – and specifically independent of gender, background, skin color, self-identification, class or sexual orientation. And everyone wants that!

To transport feminist empowerment and the ideal of self-realization into the mainstream, Kampnagel is doing GENDER MAINSTREAMING: the term has been a fixed concept for politics of gender equality ever since the UN World Conference on Women in 1995. Today, it is being ridiculed, especially by rightist politics, and has become an ideological battle slogan against the ideal of gender equality (see: gender insanity). In its thematic festival, Kampnagel seeks to rehabilitate GENDER MAINSTREAMING and revive its positive associations. Queer feminist discourse will be freed from its niche image and made suitable for daily life. Thus – in a rough reference to Jarvis Cocker – the mainstream will be enriched and opened for the voices that have been exempted in the past.

In international guest performances between theater, performance and comedy, actions in public space and club formats, Kampnagel will celebrate differences and the freedom of self-determination. Everybody is welcome – no prior knowledge required!

Short Introductions

Before the shows, invited artists and Kampnagel’s curators will be offering introductions to queer/feminist practices and aesthetics.

Gefördert von Rudolf-Augstein-Stiftung und im Rahmen des Bündnisses Internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten für Kultur und Medien.


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