Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Fokus Tanz #5 BOYS*BOYS*BOYS*

  • © Gerald Wagner

The fifth edition of FOKUS DANCE counters the myth of the toughened man of action with five softer male approaches to the world. In his battle cry during Kampnagel’s season opener, theoretician Paul B. Preciado argued that white men must become aware of their position of power if the structural power structures they support are to be changed. He argues this collective awareness is the only way for a revolution in gender relations. FOKUS TANZ #5 looks to the future and presents varied approaches by male artists imagining a more inclusive and diverse world. All of them explore the ways in which bodies are marginalized and view »difference« as an enriching quality. In their choreographies, they blur fundamental principles, redefine (national) boundaries and explain the desire for difference as a strategy for a new masculinity. At a time in which bodies are only seen as valuable if they are high-performance, BOYS*- BOYS*BOYS* sees itself as a plea for the reclamation of the individual and a solidary declaration in support of the »other«.




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