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Klangfest - Musik für Kinder: Aufregend anders
KinderKinder / Hentschel / Lücker /Schüttler:


  • © Heiko Hentschel
  • Sat, 14.04.2018 17:15 [World Premiere]
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sun, 15.04.2018 11:45
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sun, 15.04.2018 16:15
    Kampnagel – P1

Hans can not sit still. There is so much music in him that wants out. His piano is not enough, also a rubber chickens and all sorts of other stuff are needed to channel his musical needs. Björn appears quieter; with his drums he is always in the background, making you happy with his intense grooves. A huge zappaesk pleasure for young and old!

Klangfest April 14-16:  Music for Kids

Concerts, Music Theater, sound installations: From April 14th to 16th, 2018, Kampnagel is transformed into a musical adventure playground. It's fun, there's a lot to discover and making music is explicitly encouraged by our program!

Ensemble Resonanz: SONNE MOND UND STREICHER (So 15.04. + Mo 16.04.)

De Spiegel + Hermesensemble: NOCTURAMA (Sa 14.04. + So 15.04.)

Hentschel / Schüttler / Lücker / KinderKinder: ZAPPAPHILIPP (Sa 14.04 + So 15.04.)

Michael Bradke: DAS MOBILEMUSIKMUSEUM (Sa 14.04. + 15.04.)

Kacirek / Herzog / Endress / KinderKinder: TOONS'N'TUNES / SCHWARZWEISSE FILME UND BUNTE MUSIK (Sa 14.04. + So 15.04. + Mo 16.04)

BACKSTAGE MUSIC: Ein Rundgang, drei Kurzkonzerte (Sa 14.04 + So 15.04.)

Staatliche Jugendmusikschule: SING! DIE SINGENDE GRUNDSCHULE (Sa 14.04.)

NDR Bigband / Lysne / Goncalves / Jas: PING PONG - EIN SPIEL ZWISCHEN MUSIK UND MALEREI (Sa 14.04. + So 15.04. + Mo 16.04.)

  • piano: Hans Schüttler
  • drums: Björn Lücker
  • direction: Heiko Hentschel
  • production: KinderKinder

Organized by KinderKinder e.V. and Kampnagel in collaboration with NDR Bigband Elbphilharmonie, Staatlichen Jugendmusikschule Hamburg, Young ClassX and Ohrlotsen – Motte e.V.

Supported by: Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Gabriele Fink Stiftung, Abendblatt Verein »Kinder helfen Kindern« and dhu Stiftung.

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