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Darb Attabana Jugendclub:
Workshop: "Über den Tellerrand gucken" mit Majd Zeus Hanna

  • © Majd Zeus Hanna
Kids / Theory
  • Sat, 20.11.2021 18:00
  • Sat, 27.11.2021 18:00

Majd Zeus Hanna is a performer, stand-up comedian and filmmaker. He has presented numerous performances in several countries and in different languages.


If you're from this galaxy and still need space, this might be for you.

DARB ATTABANA (Arabic for the Milky Way) brings together young creative minds  regardless of their ethnic, sexual, or gender identities or their social and educational backgrounds. 

If you're between the ages of  16 and 26 years old, are passionate about art  but do not have the tools to transform this passion into reality, then this is your space. We open Kampnagel to welcome young people who might think it is not yet a space for them. DARB ATTABANA works as a spaceship, where the crew consists of the next generation of Kampnagel artists, audience and surrounding community. This club has the potential to create a future where resources and tools will strengthen the voices and talents already out there. This starship crew will be the future successors of Kampnagel, leading the way into yet undiscovered galaxies. DARB ATTABANA offers coaching, workshops, and know-how to bring out the artist in you.

Set off for new galaxies with the Kampnagel Youth Club! Do you dare to co-pilot the spaceship? Then join us and get started!

For questions about DARB ATTABANA email Mo at or insta-dm @darb_attabana_jugendclub

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