Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2022
Port à Port:

Compagnie Artistique Carrefour / X Perspektiven

  • © Port à Port
Theater & Performance
  • Tickets: 5 Euro
  • Meeting point: Lohsepark / at the exit of the subway station HafenCity Universität

A translocal performance project about two port cities and their postcolonial connections. 

European ports are often romanticized as "gates to the world". Narratives of new beginnings and cosmopolitanism continue to dominate when talking about port cities, while their role in the transatlantic slave trade, imperialism and colonialism is too often ignored. Yet they can be read as focal points for questions about colonialities of consumption, global production chains and unequal distribution of resources.

Port à Port is a translocal theatre project by Compagnie Artistique Carrefour and X Perspektiven with participants from Hamburg and Lomé. Over several months, the two groups embarked on a theatrical research into the historical and contemporary connections between the two port cities. After a stage version was created in Lomé (February 2022), Port à Port now takes the audience on a mobile performance in the port of Hamburg as part of the International Summer Festival to reveal postcolonial entanglements and create new stories between Hamburg and Lomé.

  • Concept & Artistic Direction: Marléne Douty, Eliana Schüler, Valeria Stocker, Koffi Edem Touglo
  • Performance: Atsou Jean Adzigbli, Brigitte Sefako Abra Agbokou, Viola Güse, Segnon Guy Hounou, Delphin Semevo Hountondji, Félicité Notson Kodjo-Atsou, Djani David Mikem, Nebou N’Diaye, Naomi Kelechi Odhiambo, Yulia Suárez Bergmann
  • Production management: PK3000 / Katja Kruglikova
  • Administration: ASA-FF e.V.
  • Production: X Perspektiven, Compagnie Artistique Carrefour, Asa-Ff E.V. – Netzwerk Für Globales Lernen

Supported by Engagement Global with funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation
and Development, Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media, Gwärtler Foundation, Friends of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

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