Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2022
Kid Koala / Jacques Palminger / Socalled & Friends:

Konzert & Party

  • © A J Korkidakis / Simone Scardovelli / Peter Hönnemann
Music / Wheelchair users
  • Tickets: Pre sale 12 Euro / evening box 14 Euro (50% conc. with Festivalkarte)
  • Sat, 13.08.2022 22:00
    Kampnagel – KMH Tickets

Summit meeting of three legends of musical entertainment: good vibes all night long guaranteed.

As anyone who has ever experienced how the Canadian DJ virtuoso Kid Koala makes music with different turntables at the same time, seemingly suspending the laws of physics, knows: rarely do so many people immediately start dancing at the same time. With unbridled fun in musical styles and technical brilliance, Kid Koala aka Eric San has become one of the world’s best scratch DJs, redefining the turntable as a musical instrument, releasing various albums on Ninja Tunes and Graphic Novels, collaborating with bands like Gorillaz and Arcade Fire, and staging theatre pieces. Several times a guest at the Summer Festival, this year he will also present his new stage production THE STORYVILLE MOSQUITO. The entertainment bar is, then, set high for the other two guests this evening: Canadian music eccentric and Summer Festival perennial Socalled, who is also premiering the fourth instalment of his puppet musical series THE SEASON at the Summer Festival. He will give a special concert with friends of his team. From Hamburg joins Jacques Palminger, sensitive humourist, musician and theatre maker with his legendary boy group Studio Braun, and above all a music connaisseur with too large a record collection for just one night at the DJ booth.

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