Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2022
Cuqui Jerez:

Magical and Elastic

  • © Ocean Seyer
  • © Ocean Seyer
  • © Ocean Seyer
  • © Ocean Seyer
  • © Ocean Seyer
Wheelchair users / With hearing amplification / Theater & Performance / Dance
  • Duration: 120 Min.
  • Tickets: 24 / 14 Euro (conc. from 9 Euro, 50% conc. with Festivalkarte)
  • Thu, 25.08.2022 20:30 [Talk, German Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Fri, 26.08.2022 20:45
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Sat, 27.08.2022 20:45
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Sun, 28.08.2022 18:00
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets

With this anti-spectacle performance blast Cuqui Jerez creates an extremely funny musical experiment, that you will need a while to recover from.

Cuqui Jerez creates new realities and languages by turning the mechanics of theatre on its head and stretching its possibilities to the bursting point, much to the delight of the audience. After THE REAL FICTION sent Summer Festival audiences into a permanent state of laughter in 2008 and THE NOWNESS MYSTERY (2011) premiered at the festival, the Spanish conceptual artist is finally back at Kampnagel. In MAGICAL AND ELASTIC, she explores the narrative potential of music in collaboration with Óscar Bueno, linking experimental with popular references of the musical genre: silence and tension, song and dance, text and narrative are stretched, manipulated and deconstructed with everything the theatre has to offer. With a wink, she plays with expectations, styles, aesthetics and the genre itself. MAGICAL AND ELASTIC is a musical, the deconstruction of a musical and anti-musical all in one. It is a play with presentiment and temporality and a magical performance that leaves the audiences with their own idea of what they have seen (and no one without a reaction).

  • Concept & Direction: Cuqui Jerez in Zusammenarbeit mit Anto Rodríguez, Cécile Brousse, Javi Cruz, Louana Genter & Gilles Gentner
  • Music: Óscar Bueno in Zusammenarbeit mit Cuqui Jerez, Anto Rodríguez, Cécile Brousse, Javi Cruz & Louana Genter
  • Sound: Oscar Villegas
  • Light & Technical Direction: Gilles Gentner
  • Production Management: Dorothy Michaels

COOPRODUCTION Kaaitheater, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque, BUDA, Festival TNT

WITH THE SUPPORT OF Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

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