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Countless television series are created annually in the Arab world especially for Ramadan, the fasting month that began on April 23 and ends on May 23, 2020. Every evening while fast-breaking, millions of people worldwide immerse themselves in the beautiful, colorful world of Ramadan-dramas, as the soap operas are also called. With RAMADRAM, an experimental, multilingual self-made soap opera has now been created on Kampnagel for Lent 2020, whose storylines have been taken from life, but have been fictionalized and improvised. The film was shot exclusively in the Migrantpolitan on Kampnagel by and with community members. The 17 episodes of the series will be published on YouTube from April 27th, Monday to Thursday at 10pm (except Thursday, May 21st). The finale will go online at the end of Ramadan, on Saturday May 23rd for the Sugar Feast.

After the speculative reality show HELLO DEUTSCHLAND - DIE EINWANDERER, the New Media Socialism group is continuing the self-proclaimed task with the soap opera RAMADRAM to improve the media presentation of migrants and refugees in Germany using emancipatory methods. The film was shot exclusively in the Migrantpolitan at Kampnagel by and with community members.

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