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Despite the corona shutdown, we keep in touch with local and international artists, activists and thinkers and publish these conversations in the new podcast series STAY IN TOUCH. Among other things, our guests mediate their perspectives on the value of care work, on digital resistance and data protection, they design post-corona utopias and defiant forms of community in times of physical distance. Together with us, they are committed to solidarity in times of the pandemic.

EPISODE 8 (English)

Dramaturge Anna Teuwen talks to the director, curator and author Michiel Vandevelde about the project THE CHILDREN'S PARLIAMENT, his label "The Political Party" and poster campaign that he developed with the young project participants instead.




Dramaturge Uta Lambertz talks to director Monika Gintersdorfer about the challenges posed by the corona pandemic to international work and how members of the collective can also be involved in the new production across closed borders.


EPISODE 6 (German)

Piko and heddha are two hackers from the Chaos Computer Club in Hamburg, they are also active in the Haecksen group and deal with feminist perspectives on technology. They talked to Anna Teuwen about digitalization in the Corona period and give tips for more secure alternatives to ZOOM or SLACK.


Episode 5 (english)

Hong Kong based artist Royce Ng whose work looks at the intersections of modern Asian history, technology, aesthetics and drugs, talked to Alina Buchberger about the use of facemasks and surveillance technologies in society and art.


EPISODE 4 (german)

Corinna Humuza asked the Hungarian theater producer Daniel Mayer from the Stereo Akt collective what the Coronavirus pandemic means for the democracy in Hungary and for European identity.


EPISODE 3 (english)

Dramaturge Uta Lambertz spoke to ALOK about how he / she perceives the corona crisis in the USA from the queer, non-white perspective of an artist.


EPISODE 2 (german)

Fabian Lettow vom kainkollektiv in conversation with dramaturge Uta Lambertz about transnational theater work and how colonial heritage can be experienced today.


EPISODE 1 (german)

Dr. Amma Yeboah, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, talks to dramaturge Alina Buchberger about social inequality during the Corona crisis.


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