Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Dieter Meier:
Konzert: Out Of Chaos

  • Fri, 13.11.2015 21:00
    Kampnagel – KMH

Swiss-born Dieter Meier has worked as a professional poker player, writer, watch designer, film maker and children’s book author and participates in organic farming in Argentina. He also formed the band YELLO with Boris Blank in the 80s who, alongside Kraftwerk, are one of the most influential electro-pop bands of all time. Meier has also been active over the past 50 years as a devious concept and performance artist, as was shown by the major retrospective in the Deichtorhallen in 2011. Dieter Meier recently turned 70 and has brought out his first solo album with his new band Out of Chaos on the Staatsakt label. Meier fearlessly navigates between chansons and club music, supported by brilliant musicians such as the Johnny Depp of the jazz violin, Tobias Preisig (who recently performed at the Überjazz Festival at Kampnagel) and electro expert T.Raumschmiere. Meier is now returning to Hamburg in order to expand the format of the concert in the direction of performative concept art. Furthermore Meier will appear at the Operation Sound Congress in RockCity.




In Kooperation mit dem Kongress OPERATION TON #9 von RockCity Hamburg e.V. (13. & 14. 9).

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