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klub katarakt 2016
Sascha Lino Lemke / The International Nothing:

DOUBLE / Tag 2

  • © Christina Hansen
  • Thu, 14.01.2016 18:00
    day ticket 15 euro (reduced 8 euro)
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

18:00 Sascha Lino Lemke         

19:30 Sascha Lino Lemke

22:00 The International Nothing

One of the young generation of composers, Hamburg’s Sascha Lino Lemke introduces himself with a lecture on his work and a portrait concert. Lemke is particularly interested in the interactive combination of electronic media and classical instruments. His work with he memory, the audience and the computer all plays a huge role. For example he uses cameras to create ‘video doubles’ of the musicians and asks questions about the original and the copy, about reality and virtual reality. Another important aspect of his music is the microtonal sonic research. Countless pieces shift between tuned intervals of harmonic series, different tones and electronically generated harmonies through to the almost chaotic. For klub katarakt Lemke will perform a selection of his interactive electro-acoustic works with piano duo Hymer/Fograscher and other musicians. The evening concert will be played by the Berlin duo The International Nothing, comprising of composers and clarinet players Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke. The duo have developed works that fuse the two clarinets together to a finely differentiated sound, with sophisticated use of multiphonics, microtonal beats and alternative tones. The International Nothing build multi-layered psycho-acoustic sound sculptures and make their Kampnagel debut with these compositions.





  • Lecture: Sascha Lino Lemke
  • Portraitkonzert Sascha Lino Lemke: Lisa Lammel (Violine), Nora Müller (Klarinette), Guiomar Espiñeira (Flöten), Martin Possega (Sax), David Stromberg (Cello), André Wittmann (Schlagzeug)
  • Ensemble Effusions: Jennifer Hymer (Klavier), Marcia Lemke-Kern (Sporan)
  • Klavierduo Hymer/Fograscher: Jennifer Hymer, Bernhard Fograscher
  • The International Nothing: Kai Fagaschinski (Klarinette, Komposition), Michael Thieke (Klarinette, Komposition)

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