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klub katarakt 2016
Christian Wolff / Decoder Ensemble / katarakt allstars / Nelly Boyd / TonArt / Stark Bewölkt:


  • © Christian Wolff
  • Wed, 13.01.2016 20:00
    day ticket 15 euro (reduced 8 euro)
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste Sold Out

20:00 Hommage à Christian Wolff
In 2016, US-American composer Christian Wolff (1934), companion of John Cage and last living proponent of the New York School, is invited as composer in residence. His legendary piece „Burdocks“ will be performed with a large line-up of players, and we‘re looking forward with excitement to the world premiere of „Where“ for several trios and quartets, written especially for klub katarakt.
“Burdocks“ (1970-71) is a classic work of experimental music. The piece is a perfect example for Wolff‘s examination of the social and political dimensions of playing music: it is composed for several orchestras or ensembles and any number of players, both professionals and amateurs. The musicians decide together on form and course of a performance.
klub katarakt will make full use of this potential with a large-scale performance and a multitude of performers of the Hamburg scene. Members of such different ensembles as TonArtDecoderNelly Boyd, and Stark Bewölkt are featured. The tradition of the opening concerts will be continued, with the musicians being spread out over all three halls. The audience is thus free to move between the rooms to experience the concert from different perspectives.
„I had an image in my mind […] of […] a varied community of musicians (classical, folk, experimental, jazz, et cetera), professional and amateur and non-musicians, joined in a populist-anarchist spirit“ – Christian Wolff




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  • direction, piano: Christian Wolff
  • Decoder Ensemble: Frauke Aulbert (Stimme), Carola Schaal (Klarinetten), Andrej Koroliov (Klavier, Keyboard), als Gast: Marcia Lemke-Kern (Stimme)
  • katarakt allstars: Ernst Bechert (Posaune), Bernhard Fograscher (Keyboard, Klavier), Arturo Grolimund (Flöte), Stefan Köttgen (Violine, Viola), Thomas Leboeg (Elektronik, Keyboard)
  • Nelly Boyd: Robert Engelbrecht (E-Gitarre, Objekte), Jan Feddersen (Klavier, Keyboard, Percussion), als Gäste: Moxi Beidenegl (Stimme, E-Gitarre, Elektronik), Johann Popp (Schlagzeug, Gitarre)
  • TonArt: Georgia Hoppe (Klarinette), Daria-Karmina Iossifova (Klavier, Keyboard), Nicola Kruse (Violine), Thomas Niese (Kontrabass), Thomas Österheld (Bassklarinette), Hannes Wienert (Sporansax, Sheng)
  • Stark Bewölkt: Gregory Büttner (Computer, Objekte, Lautsprecher), Heiner Metzger (Klarinette), Gast: John Hughes (Kontrabass)

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