Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Live Art Festival #8:
Kampnagel Supertours

  • Duration: 30 Min.
  • Start and end point each time on the Piazza

  • Fri, 08.06.2018 19:00
    with Amelie Deuflhard
    Kampnagel – Gelände Registration
  • Sat, 09.06.2018 19:00
    with JAJAJA
    Kampnagel – Gelände Registration
  • Thu, 14.06.2018 19:00
    with Jörn Walter
    Kampnagel – Gelände Registration
  • Fri, 15.06.2018 19:00
    with wearevisual
    Kampnagel – Gelände Registration
  • Sat, 16.06.2018 19:00
    with Anas Aboura (in English language)
    Kampnagel – Gelände Registration

Edutainment for the LIVE ART FESTIVAL #8: SUPERSPACES: Kampnagel insider are presenting five different guided tours over the area and their insights into the Center for Finer Arts. In only 30 minutes participants get a historical overview about Kampnagel’s development from factory to avant-garde arts venue as well as a personal selection of hot spots.

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