Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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José González:

  • © Peter Toggeth + Mikel Cee Karlsson
Music / Wheelchair users
  • Tickets: 44,95 Euro
  • Mon, 10.10.2022 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6 Tickets

José González's stellar career can only be described as dreamlike. His classic rendition of The Knife's 'Heartbeats' jump-started his career, which has since seen more than 1 billion streams, over 150 licensed TV, film and video game uses and a huge presence on radio stations around the globe.

Recorded at Koltrast Hakefjorden, the studio José set up in his family's summer home north of Gothenburg, his forthcoming fourth studio album 'Local Valley' is "a natural continuation of the style I've developed over the years as a solo artist and with Junip," says González. At the same time, this is the first time José sings in all three languages he speaks, making the music more connected to his distinct heritage and the world around him than ever before.

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