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Internationales Sommerfestival 2018
& Elbphilharmonie Sommer: Get Well Soon:

The Horror

  • © Hanna Käßbohrer
  • Tickets: pre-sale start Kampnagel: end of April via our newsletter (read below)   /   57 to 10 euro

With his music project Get Well Soon, the multi-instrumentalist and singer Konstantin Gropper has shown that great pop music can also come out of Mannheim. Here lives and studied the 1982 born composer, who has also written music for films and series and produced German charts rapper Casper. With his own albums referring to Stoicism or Italo-Western he quickly became the "German Wunderkind" (NME) on the international pop composer parquet. Get Well Soon songs are pop dramas shaped by melodic ideas, Gropper's English baritone lyrics and surprising arrangements that always refer to the great orchestral form. This comes now to the dark-radiant expression in Get Well Soon’s new album "The Horror", which he will present live with band and chamber orchestra in the large Elbphilharmonie hall. “The Horror” tells of Gropper's own nightmares and the fear-driven presence, and is also a reference to the flattering 50s sound of Frank Sinatra and the cinematic suspense of Hitchcock's composer Bernard Herman. Anyway, after this evening everyone will sleep better again.

This concert is one of four co-operation concerts with the Elbphilharmonie Sommer program. For these four concerts there will be two pre-sales through Kampnagel's webshop: end of April and after the release of the entire summer festival program in mid-June. The exact pre-sales data will be published in advance in the Kampnagel Newsletter (registration for the English version HERE). 

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  • vocals: Konstantin Gropper
  • guitar, trumpet: Maximilian Schenkel
  • bass: Timo Kumpf
  • violin, vocals: Verena Gropper
  • keyboard: Marcus Wuest
  • drums: Paul Kenny

A cooperation of the International Summer Festival with the Elbphilharmonie.    

Presented by Musikexpress.

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