Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Grenzenlos und unverschämt

  • FAYIM and Pachakuti
    © The Schmidt
  • Kaleo Sansaa
    © Nora Hase
  • Naomi Kelechi Odhiambo
    © Janine da Silva
  • Amira Zarari
    © @setthetone.official
  • Cassandra Steen
    © Maria Poursanidou
  • Maseho
    © Apissco
  • The Genesis Company
    © The Schmidt
  • ...and the beat goes ROAR!
    © The Schmidt
Music / Wheelchair users
  • Sat, 13.11.2021 19:30
    Kampnagel – K6

FORMATION NOW** provided energetic summer nights with cheering audiences at the past two summer festivals and their own September festival at Oberhafen. The network of artists from performance to spoken word to music and club culture combines empowerment with a lot of fun and puts a focus on the perspectives of BIPoC. Now FORMATION NOW** takes over the largest Kampnagel stage and creates borderless and brazen, an evening on the history of the Black Movement in Germany. Young artists from Hamburg will recall pioneers such as Fasia Jansen, Audre Lorde and May Ayim in dance, film, performance, poetry and music and complete the chapters of their pioneers in a two-part event evening.


FAYIM & Pachakuti
Kaleo Sansaa
Naomi Kelechi Odhiambo
Amira Zarari
Cassandra Steen
The Genesis Company

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