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Jesper Dalgaard:
Film: Weltschmerz

  • © Weltschmerz
  • © Weltschmerz
Wheelchair users / Film / digital
  • Duration: 30 Minuten
  • in danish language with german subtitles

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The latest film from Danish director Jesper Dalgaard is an intimate, wry, and ultimately life-affirming tale of role-play and relationships set during the rehearsals for a play. Its director, a blind woman who has recently experienced the end of a relationship, leads her small cast through an exploratory search for meaning, which includes a sequence of acting exercises and costume role-plays which increasingly test the limits of reality itself. Dalgaard's approach to the material is mixing fiction with hybrid documentary direction, wherein the film was allowed to evolve organically, dynamically. Talking about the film's unusual approach, Dalgaard explained that he was discovering the meaning and structure of it as they went along - learning as much from the cast as from his own notes and ideas. 

HERE is an interview with director Jesper Dalgaard and main actress Anna Sophie Thalbitzer Lübeck.


  • Direction: Jesper Dalgaard
  • Producer: Niclas Caroc Warner
  • Production Company: Den Danske Filmskole
  • Cast: Anna Sophie Lübeck, Christian Mollerup, Marie Lisberg Jensen, Janick Pihl Nielsen
  • Music: Johan Carøe, Søren Stenager
  • Cinematography: Valdemar Winge Leisner
  • Editing: Denniz Göl Bertelsen
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Mathias Dehn Middelhart
  • Costume: Decor Elaine
  • Production Assistant: Kristian Pugholm

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