Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Spielzeiteröffnung 2017/18: OPENHAUS
Maria Magdalena Ludewig & Guests:

Übung in Trauer - Exercise in Mourning

Theater & Performance
  • Duration: 60 Stunden Dauerperformance
  • Entrance is possible at different hours. Please check our website for detailed timetable and prices in ocotber. 

  • Thu, 12.10.2017 from 23:59
    Kampnagel Vorhalle
  • Fri, 13.10.2017 24H
    Kampnagel Vorhalle
  • Sat, 14.10.2017 24H
    Kampnagel Vorhalle
  • Sun, 15.10.2017 24H
    Kampnagel Vorhalle

Rituals of grief – no society can make do without them. They define the community, offer support and celebrate death as a part of life – many of them have been forgotten. Death has become a private failure or a medical mistake. Showing sadness and pain openly threatens routine productivity. EXERCISE IN MOURNING commemorates 60 hours of an emergency state, a collective practice in grief – intense, exhausting, restless, radical. The empty hall will become a cathedral of parting for those who have never found a ritual. It is a house of common loneliness in which you can lose yourself. Somewhere between warmed-up lasagna, Rumanian mourners, neon lights at the dissecting table, booming basses, love in war, the lost child, the father who was never found and the rising sun.

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Funded by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Kulturbehörde Hamburg.

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