Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Live Art Festival #8
Bubblegum Club:

Infinity Studio

  • Duration: Do und Fr bis 23:00, Sa bis 22:00, Einlass jederzeit möglich
  • Tickets: 10 Euro (conc. 5 Euro, [k]-Karte 5 Euro, 5 Euro with a ticket for another Live-Art-Show at the same night)
  • Thu, 07.06.2018 from 19:00
    p1 und Festivalarchitektur Tickets
  • Fri, 08.06.2018 from 19:00
    p1 und Festivalarchitektur Tickets
  • Sat, 09.06.2018 from 19:00
    p1 und Festivalarchitektur Tickets

Bubblegum Club is a platform for youth culture, fashion, music, and visual art in South Africa that balances on the nexus between arts and urban consumer fetishes. Divided into an online magazine and a “cultural intelligence agency” it forms a bridge between institutional spaces who represent access and privilege, and innovative, interdisciplinary artists, who often have less access to such formal structures. Part of a present generation that reads the world almost exclusively through images Bubblegum Club is also about consciously creating an alternative image repertoire for the repetition of colonial views of Africa. For the Live Art Festival #8: SUPERSPACES Bubblegum Club takes over as curators several Kampnagel locations as well as the festival architecture by Hamburg based group We Are Visual. Following their research of urban processes and together with 16 South African of various disciplines they open up the three-day INFINITY STUDIO. For several hours of program each night the festival audience is invited to experience the world of Bubblegum Club: their immersive collage of live performances, video installations and visual music all woven together is a bold vision of a future theater institution. Their artistic research started with the history of gentrification in Johannesburg and tells the Hamburg audience about privatization, militarization and escapism in South African urban landscape.

Detailled program will be published soon. 


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  • Concept & Curation: Bubblegum Club & CUSS (Ravi Govender, Jamal Nxedlana, Lex Trickett, Zamani Xolo)
  • With: u.a. FAKA, Zandi Tisani, Hlasko, Kerry Chaloner, Rose Bonica, Pure, Daniel Rautenbach, Mona-Lisa Namér, Michelle Son, Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Sonny Boy

Funded by Fonds TURN of Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Supported by Goethe Institut. Produced by Kampnagel and Bubblegum Club.

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