Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Jenny Beyer:
Offenes Studio

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Dance / Theater & Performance / digital
  • Wed, 13.04.2022 19:00
    Studio Alte Post
  • Tue, 03.05.2022 19:00
    Studio Alte Post

The preparations for her new group piece ENSEMBLE (premiere: early 2023 at Kampnagel) are already in full swing - the next (and perhaps most important) step is now to come together as a group in the first place: How does this process take shape collectively? How can the group get to know each other (in a short time)? How does movement help? Where does it facilitate and where does it perhaps even hinder encounters?

These and many other questions will be explored in the Open Studio. Joel Small (dance/choreography) will design this OPEN STUDIO together with Jenny and the musician and composer Jetzmann. 

Due to the pandemic situation, a maximum of 8 participants* can take part, who must register in advance by email to After that there will be further information.

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