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Internationales Sommerfestival 2021
Kotka Gudmon:

AGENTS (VR-Performance)

  • © Simon Smith
  • © Marton Juhasz
  • © Marton Juhasz
  • © Marton Juhasz
  • © Marton Juhasz
Theater & Performance
  • Tue, 17.08.2021 19:00 [World Premiere]
    Box Office
  • Wed, 18.08.2021 18:00
  • Wed, 18.08.2021 20:30
  • Thu, 19.08.2021 18:00
  • Thu, 19.08.2021 20:30
  • Fri, 20.08.2021 18:00
  • Fri, 20.08.2021 20:30
  • Sat, 21.08.2021 18:00

The Hamburg artist is showing two works on collective agency: a walk-through installation at the Magellan Terraces and an immersive VR performance in the Hauptkirche St. Katharinen.

With the installation AGENCY and the participatory VR performance AGENTS, the artist Kotka Gudmon and her German-Canadian-Hungarian team open up immersive spaces that deal with the concept of "agency" - the ability of subjects to act. Where the agency of individuals begins and ends is a central question in the global pandemic, but also arises in the context of climate change or state structures to which people are at the mercy.

In the main church of St. Katharinen in Hamburg, the audience can become agents and undergo agent training in the immersive performance AGENTS: Between VR game event, detective thriller and electro-jazz opera, the ability to act and belief in a collective future will be tested. In the process, a discursive arc of tension is drawn from conspiracy theory to action theory. In this 6D training, in which every decision made has consequences, new spaces of possibility are constantly opened up. If you want to become an agent, you don't need any technical expertise, just confidence in your own abilities and the willingness to transform. VR glasses are available on site.

NOTE: Performance AGENTS uses virtual reality technology. This may cause feelings of discomfort (motion sickness). By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be filmed and photographed during the performance and do not claim any image rights.

HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit

  • By and with: Vincent Dombrowski, Yvonne Dombrowski, Nathalie Giele, Kotka Gudmon, Marton Juhasz, Niklas Kappler
  • Voice: Conny Mews
  • Direction: Kotka Gudmon
  • Dramaturgy: Nathalie Giele
  • Music: Vincent Dombrowski, Yvonne Dombrowski
  • VR-Spaces and Interactions: Xorxor - Máté Barkóczi, Gáspár Hajdú, Gábor Papp
  • Computer Vision, Interaction Design: Marton Juhasz
  • 3D Figures: Eszter Szabó
  • Graphics: Simon Smith
  • Technical staff: Martin Kramer
  • Stage design: Carlton lee Morgan, Sophia Sylvester Röpcke

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