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Krass Kultur Crash Festival
Mark Terkessidis und Aladin El-Mafaalani:

Talk nach dem Vortrag "Wessen Erinnerung zählt? Koloniale Vergangenheit und Rassismus heute"

  • Aladin El-Mafaalani
    © Mirza Odabasi
  • Mark Terkessidis
    © Andreas Langen
  • Nikola Djuric
digital / Theory
  • Thu, 13.05.2021 21:00 [Live-Stream]

This talk will take place after the lecture by Mark Terkessidis, hosted by Nikola Djuric.

Mark Terkessidis is a journalist, author, migration researcher, and one of those intellectuals who constantly challenge view and perspective.

Aladin El-Mafaalani is a sociology professor, education researcher and best-selling author. His books "The Integration Paradox" and "Myth of Education" are sharp and surprising contemporary analyses that explore areas of possibility for solidarity and social justice.

Nikola Djuric is a theater scholar, founding member of the performance collective Showcase, author and KRASS Festival dramaturg since 2012.

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