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Rabenmuttertag 2021

  • © Hinrich Schultze
  • © Hinrich Schultze
  • © Hinrich Schultze
digital / Theater & Performance
  • Sun, 09.05.2021 15:00

On May 9, as every year, the crème de la crème of Hamburg's queer performance scene unites to collectively celebrate an alternative version of Mother's Day. It is the performative alternative to the mainstream event of floral commerce that has long since become a cult in its own right.

  • With: Amanda Wader Unterwasser, Blessless Mahoney, Didine van der Platenvlotbrug, Dyane Prozak, Felicia Diamond, Geraldine Schabraque, Gitte Schmitz, James Bonne D`Age, Karla OZ, Misstress Morganna, Mith Thilky Vithcothith, Renate Stahl, Sarah Plochl
  • Moderation: Dyane Prozak
  • Artistic direction: Dyane Prozak & Frederik Busch
  • Head of Production: Sarah Plochl
  • Ausstatter/ -in: Amy TNT & Danielle Bothe

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