Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Selma Selman:
No Space

  • © Selma Selman
digital / Theater & Performance
  • Fri, 14.05.2021 17:30 [Live-Stream]
  • Sat, 15.05.2021 24H
  • Sun, 16.05.2021 24H
  • Mon, 17.05.2021 24H [Online]
  • Tue, 18.05.2021 24H
  • Wed, 19.05.2021 24H
  • Thu, 20.05.2021 24H
  • Fri, 21.05.2021 24H
  • Sat, 22.05.2021 24H

"NO SPACE" is a virtual world in which artist and Roma activist Selma Selman questions the concept of space and belonging. Physical existence versus personal possession: who has the right to park their body in the world? For whom is there no space? Can living space be fought for? Selman occupies a virtual planet with herself: sometimes larger than life, sometimes in miniature. In doing so, she creates a paradoxical place where there is no room for anyone but herself. A symbol for the ruthless world outside of capital.

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