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Krass Kultur Crash Festival
Dr. Natasha A. Kelly:

Am Ende von "Dasein": Eine afrodeutsche Reise in die Zukunft

  • © Emmanuel Nemo
digital / Theory
  • Tue, 18.05.2021 19:00 [Online]

While it has become common practice for U.S. Afrofuturists to use projections of the future as a means of balancing existing power structures, Black Germans are still busy reexamining life here and rewriting the narratives of past generations. They are slow to come to terms with their lost or stolen histories and challenge the dominant systems of representation and knowledge, but are reluctant to leave behind the world as we know it. As Afrofuturist Reynaldo Anderson suggests, Dr. Natasha A. Kelly shows in this lecture how a community whose past and present are negated can imagine a possible future beyond Eurocentrism.

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