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Einat Amir & Yossi Hasson:
Relative Distanz

  • © Chuck Przybyl, Visual Lali Fruheling
  • © Chuck Przybyl, Visual Lali Fruheling
Art / Theory / digital / Wheelchair users
  • Fri, 14.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
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  • Sat, 15.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sun, 16.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Wed, 19.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Thu, 20.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Fri, 21.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sat, 22.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sun, 23.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Wed, 26.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Thu, 27.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Fri, 28.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sat, 29.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sun, 30.05.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Wed, 02.06.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Thu, 03.06.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Fri, 04.06.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sat, 05.06.2021 from 16:00 [Online]
  • Sun, 06.06.2021 from 16:00 [Online]

As part of a long term collaboration, the artist Einat Amir and the social psychologist Yossi Hasson had created a participatory performance combined with real-time psychological research. The project will consist of one-on-one performative meetings between performers and audience members, through an online platform.

During the time of COVID 19 crisis, people around the world are facing common but also different challenges. In this meeting those challenges will be shared in an artistic – performative perspective. This project contains a mix of questions and actions that challenge the audience, both visually and emotionally, with confronting our own identities and sense of belonging. The data collected from the audience will be processed as a new research in the context of intergroup relationships.

The performance will deal with challenging subjects, but will also use humor and performative techniques to create an elevating experience of intimacy and solidarity. The online communication platform will provide the opportunity of a meeting between performers and audience from two different sides of the world, creating a unique moment of closeness in a time of distance.

This performance is a collaboration between an artist and a social psychologist in the domain of intergroup relations. All information provided by you during the performance and its recording will be used for research purposes only. All data collected will be confidential. By signing up to the performance you are giving your consent to the confidential use of this data for research purposes only.



  • Art and Scientific research: Einat Amir, Yossi Hasson
  • Visuals: Lali Fruheling
  • Text contributions and performative advice: Risha Tenae
  • Additional Research: Mikke Tavast, Mathias Piispanen
  • Academic supervision: Eran Halperin, Mikko Sams, Anniina Suominen / Research conducted in Aalto University Finland and The Hebrew University Israel
  • Hosts: Janika Heun, Lee Cockshott, Sophie Pulkus
  • Performer: Krystel Mcneil, Nevada Montgomery, Eliza Myrie, Risha Tenae
  • Costumes and production assistance: Vidushi Lohia

Supported by: Körber-Stiftung, Kampnagel Hamburg, Artport Tel Aviv, Hyde Park Art Center

*This performance is part of Einat Amir’s dissertation for a doctoral degree in the Department of Art and Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto University Finland.


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