Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Queer B-Cademy – Taking to the Streets
Simon Schultz:

Das Medikament

digital / Theater & Performance / Wheelchair users
  • Thu, 29.04.2021 20:30 [Live-Stream]
  • Fri, 30.04.2021 19:30 [Live-Stream]
  • Sun, 02.05.2021 19:30 [Live-Stream]

There is a medicine that can prevent HIV infection. Pre-exposure prophylaxis ("PrEP") has been widely available on the German market since 2019 and is intended to protect successfully and safely against infection with the HI virus.
In dialogues, choreographic scenes and video images of DAS MEDIKAMENT, the video artist Simon Schultz and his team trace the history of HIV up to the introduction of this prophylaxis. Instead of lamenting, temporality is thrown overboard and asked for a transtemporal solidarity community.
The new production DAS MEDIKAMENT deals with the layers and contradictions with the pharmacological and political present and history of HIV. Beyond shame-filled sex and social blame, the proteins will be made to dance.

On Friday 30.04.2021 (approx. 20:30) directly after the performance: After-Event including Q&A, with space for exchange, advice on PrEP/HIV and STDs by ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU of the Deutsche Aidshilfe e.V..

CLICK HERE to get to the Zoom event. (Passcode: 220816)


  • Performers: Yousef Iskandar, Simon Schultz, Hannes Siebert, Louise Vind Nielsen
  • Sound: Louise Vind Nielsen
  • Costume, Set design : Imke Paulick
  • Production: Johanna J. Thomas
  • Dramaturgie: Uta Lambertz
  • Assistance: Isabelle Edi
  • Livecamera: Kathrin Dworatzek

A coproduction by Simon Schultz with Kampnagel and Queer B-Cademy, funded by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. Funded by the Elbkulturfonds as part of the Queer B-Cademy project.

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