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Laila Soliman
Wanaset Yodit – Installation:

Eine Begegnung über die Zeiten und Kulturen hinweg

  • Laila Soliman
    © Ahmed Al Saaty
  • Laila Soliman
    © Ahmed Al Saaty
  • Laila Soliman
    © Ahmed Al Saaty
  • Laila Soliman
    © Ahmed Al Saaty
Wheelchair users / Theater & Performance

This is the physical installation. click Here for the HOME-VERSION.

Two women from Soltau, Abir Omer and Yodit Akbalat, fled from Sudan to northern Germany several years ago. In 2019, together with four other women from the group "My Body Belongs to Me", they brought a documentary project of the same name about genital mutilation and being a woman* to the stage, with dance and song. In the process, they met the Egyptian director Laila Soliman and developed the idea for Wanaset Yodit.

What was planned as a coffee ceremony with a large audience now takes place in an intimate setting: Up to three spectators at the same time are invited to interact with the women in real time via Ipad on site at Kampnagel and in the stage set of the piece. The living room of the friends is the backdrop, the audience sits comfortably on cushions and drinks coffee, while Abir Omer and Yodit Akbalat share their everyday life, their laughter, their tears and their stories - told overdramatically and with a lot of humor.

Please note: Wanaset Yodit is also available as a mail version, if you prefer to stay at home - but at different times. Please choose between the two versions.

  • Concept & director: Laila Soliman
  • With and by: Yodit Akbalat, Abir Omer
  • Concept & stage: Moïra Gilliéron
  • Conzept, sound design & camera: Nancy Mounir
  • Video: Ahmed Al Saaty
  • Production management: Franziska Schmidt
  • Translation: Khalda Yagoob. Panthea
  • Production: produktionsDOCK
  • Co-production: Festival Theaterformen, Kaserne Basel, Theater Bremen
  • Thanks to: Fachausschuss Tanz und Theater Basel-Stadt und Basel-Land

Funded through the programme „Exil heute – künstlerische Produktionsresidenzen“, a joint initiative by Kampnagel and Körber-Stiftung.

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