Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Rosana Cade / Claire Nolan / Charlie Cauchi:

  • © Rosana Cade, Claire Nolan, Charlie Cauchi
digital / Film
  • Mon, 08.03.2021 20:00 [Online]
  • Tue, 09.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Wed, 10.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Thu, 11.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Fri, 12.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Sat, 13.03.2021 20:00 [Online]
  • Sun, 14.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Mon, 15.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Tue, 16.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Wed, 17.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Thu, 18.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Fri, 19.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Sat, 20.03.2021 24H [Online]
  • Sun, 21.03.2021 24H [Online]

What does your town look like from someone else's perspective? What's it like to hold hands with a complete stranger and walk through the city centre? Performance art and mobile technology converge in Walking:Holding, a meditative documentary that journeys through urban landscapes exploring identity and intimacy in public space with a focus on LGBTQ+ experiences. This film is a response to Glasgow based artist Rosana Cade’s award-winning interactive performance of the same name, which invites audience members to embark on a carefully designed route through a town whilst holding hands with a series of different local participants. Shot entirely on mobile phones, the film follows the performance to 6 towns across the UK between June and November 2016, bookended by the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. This unique collaborative documentary offers an insight into the intimate work at a particularly poignant time, weaving together a range of perspectives and experiences from across the country. 

Everyone acknowledged the astute provocation in Cade's seemingly simple concept, with its flesh and blood challenge to prejudices and its honouring of individuals and their differences. The Herald on Walking:Holding, the performance

Walking:Holding from Claire Nolan on Vimeo.




Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and using public funds from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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