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Fokus Tanz #7 Dancing Screen
Claudia Rosiny, Joana Tischkau, Arlette-Louise Ndakoze:

Ästhetik und Politik des Videotanzes

  • Wed, 24.02.2021 19:00 [Online]

Go to StreamVideo dance as a genre sounds a bit dusty to you - or doesn't actually mean anything to you yet? Are you wondering whether a music video by Missy Elliott is video dance or a dance video? No problem: We're opening FOKUS TANZ #7 with a panel discussion that will answer these questions, among others. We will bring together dance scholar Caudia Rosiny (author of "Videotanz - Panorama einer intermedialen Kunstform", 1999), choreographer Joana Tischkau, whose work is situated at the intersection of choreography, discourse and multimedia aesthetics, and Arlette-Louise Ndakoze, curator, journalist and dance platform jury member, so that they can trace the historical lines of the genre of video dance from their respective perspectives and at the same time examine it for updates, e.g. in the context of Youtube and TikTok. The three experts will discuss, among other things, which aesthetic markers distinguish video dance and how these have changed. What influence do social media and new technologies have on this genre? When dealing with video and dance, the issue of the reproducibility of choreographies and thus also the question of the owner of a choreography comes up again and again. This can be observed not only in current debates about choreographic authorship on TikTok, but also, for example, in the well-known Keersmaeker copy by Beyonce. Questions of intellectual ownership and cultural appropriation arise: how does filmed dance change processes of emancipation or independence from Western-influenced understandings of genre and curation? The opening discussion on video dance, aesthetics and politics provides the contextual framework for FOKUS TANZ #7, which is headlined DANCING SCREEN and offers a broad overview of the genre's diversity, featuring both older vdio dances and productions newly commissioned by the festival. Each evening between February 24 and 28, different video dances will be released and thus juxtaposed.

Eröffnungsgespräch mit Claudia Rosiny, Joana Tischkau und Arlette Louise Ndakoze: Ästhetik und Politik des Videotanzes from Kampnagel on Vimeo.


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