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Caren Miesenberger:
Eine Gesprächsreihe zur kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit #ZeroCovid - Folge 3

  • Caren Miesenberger
    © Valerie Siba Rousparast
digital / Theory / Online
  • Mon, 08.02.2021 20:00 [Online]
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

Episode 3: Caren Miesenberger speaks with Tina RÖTHIG from Poliklinik

As a critical examination of the demands of the "Zero Covid" campaign, Kampnagel is launching a five-part digital talk series on Monday, February 1. In each of the approximately 30-minute talks, journalist Caren Miesenberger and a guest will analyze one of the five points of the current debate. The talks will take place via Zoom and will be featured on the Kampnagel YouTube channel.

Tina Röthig from the Poliklinik speaks about the demand for an »Expansion of the social infrastructure for health« of the #ZeroCovid campaign. The Poliklinik Veddel is a social district health center with a general practitioner, social and health counseling and psychological counseling. Through continuous community work in the form of prevention projects, the Poliklinik tries to deal with health problems collectively. The Poliklinik addresses questions of equal health opportunities, living conditions and life expectancy, because health and illness are also determined by the political balance of power.

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