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Sonya Lindfors:
Decentralizing, Decolonizing and Dreaming [The Triple D-Workshop]

Theory / Wheelchair users
  • Fri, 30.10.2020 16:00
    Probebühne 2. Stock free entrance
  • Sat, 31.10.2020 14:00
    Probebühne 2. Stock free entrance
  • Sun, 01.11.2020 11:00
    Probebühne 2. Stock free entrance

The TRIPLE D-WORKSHOP comes from a need to facilitate spaces for hope, joy, empowerment and dreaming. The workshop focuses on the three cornerstones of Lindfors’ artistic practice: decentralizing, decolonizing and dreaming. During the three day workshop we will be exploring the three Ds through reading and shared discussion, toolsharing and exercises that shake both the body and the mind. Sonya Lindfors is a Cameroonian-Finnish choreographer and artistic director based in Helsinki.


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