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Revolutionary Souq: Ein immersiver Basar
Tag 3 - Revolutionary Pain:

mit Ramy Alashek u.a.

  • © Hanadi Chawaf
Art / Film / Theater & Performance / Music / Theory / Wheelchair users / Migrantpolitan
  • Sat, 14.03.2020 16:00
    kmh, k4, Westfoyer, p1

The third day centers on the suffering of the civilian population and the “brain drain” from the center – which
is to say, the departure of the artistic and intellectual elites. In the film program, “Test of Cement” by Ziad
Kalthoum points to the systematic disenfranchisement and exploitation of Syrian workers in Lebanon. The
panel analyses the situation of those who remained in the warzone, and examines how a revolutionary mood
can be maintained in exile. Musically, the band Khebez Dawle shares its sounds – before DUB-KE, supported by Wael Alkak, take visitors on a journey through the night.

On Saturday the Souq is open from 16:00-17:45 and during this time the entry is free!

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