Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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City of Dances: 7.Biennale Tanzausbildung&Fokus Tanz #6
nora chipaumire:


  • © Ian Douglas
  • © Ian Douglas
  • © Ian Douglas
  • © Ian Douglas
Theater & Performance / Dance / Wheelchair users
  • Thu, 20.02.2020 22:00
    #PUNK, stage: K4
  • Fri, 21.02.2020 22:00
    100% POP, stage: K4
  • Sat, 22.02.2020 22:00
    *N!GGA, stage: P1

#PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA (verbalized as “hashtag punk, one hundred percent pop, star nigga”) is a three-part live performance album inspired by Chipaumire’s formative years in Zimbabwe and the energy and rebellion of punk and 1980s New Wave music. Each part explores one of three sonic ideologies: Punk, Pop and Congolese Rumba (in that order), which are confronted and celebrated through music artist Patti Smith, Grace Jones and Rit Nzele. Each session exists as a complete statement and can be performed separately (like a single song) or together as an epic song cycle (like an album). Together, the trio paints a sonic and visual landscape, engaging voice, gesture and sound clash installation.



#PUNK 100%POP *N!GGA . Nora Chipaumire Mutare . Simbabwe I New York City . USA from Festival Theaterformen on Vimeo.


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