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Library Morning Sessions mit Mo und Mustapha

  • © Julia Steinigeweg
Migrantpolitan / Theory
  • Tue, 01.10.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 08.10.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 15.10.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 22.10.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 29.10.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 05.11.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 12.11.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 19.11.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 26.11.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 03.12.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 10.12.2019 11:00
  • Tue, 17.12.2019 11:00

A new format for everyone who needs a place to go during the day. The migrantpolitan library is open, tea and Arabian coffee is served.


Migrantpolitan is a campaigning space at the Kampnagel site where diasporic and local artists enter into a process of exchange, develop joint transcultural strategies, and test out new forms of aesthetic praxis. This microcosmos is a laboratory for collaboration under conditions of solidarity, where new ideas can be developed, where cultural self-determination has a home, and where a pinch of anarchy is always part of the mix. Many activities are open to the public and you are welcome to join the Migrantpolitan community. For as we all know: integration is not a one-way street – it’s a bring-in, not a take-away!

Entry is free!
Everybody is welcome - but it’s a wrong place for the Right people!

Funded within the framework of the Alliance International Production Houses supported by the Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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