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Spielzeiteröffnung 2019/20
Nuran David Calis / Schauspiel Köln:

Herero_Nama – A History of Violence

  • © David Baltzer
  • © David Baltzer
  • © David Baltzer
Theater & Performance / Wheelchair users / With hearing amplification
  • Thu, 26.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Fri, 27.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Sat, 28.09.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2

Between 1884 and 1915, Namibia was a colony of the German Empire. As the Germans established their colonial rule, the Herero and Nama were systematically deprived of rights. Some 90,000 died as a result of forced labour, hunger and violence. Historians consider this the first genocide of the twentieth century. Since 2015, Germany and Namibia have been negotiating an official apology and reparation payments. Descendants of the Herero and Nama filed a suit in New York complaining at being excluded from the negotiations. In early March 2019, the US court rejected the claim. Nuran David Calis has worked with experts and actors to bring to life this unsettling chapter in recent German history.

For the performance on FR 27.09.:
18:45 Stage introduction (not only) for blind and visually impaired audience: before the performance

Info & registration:
+ Pick-up service and accompaniment by Hamburger Kulturschlüssel
+ Early Boarding for spectators with sensory and motor impairments

HEREO_NAMA | Trailer | Schauspiel Köln from Schauspiel Köln on Vimeo.


  • Performance: Yuri Englert, Stefko Hanushevsky, Christel Ihmann, Israel Kaunatjike, Sithembile Menck, Julian Warner
  • Direction: Nuran David Calis
  • Stage: Anne Ehrlich
  • Costumes: Geraldine Arnold
  • Music: Vivan Bhatti
  • Video, Research: Karnik Gregorian
  • Light: Michael Frank
  • Dramaturgy: Stawrula Panagiotaki
  • Transcription, Research: Dominika Siroka
  • assistant to director: Yuri Englert Stefko Hanushevsky Christel Ihmann Israel Kaunatjike Sithembile Menck Julian Warner
  • Assistant to stage design: Claudia Vaes
  • assistant to costume: Ksenia Sobotovych
  • stage manager: Andreas Friedemann
  • soufflage: Christiane Sundermann

Gefördert im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

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