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Internationales Sommerfestival 2019:

  • Acid Forest
  • Take Shelter
  • Soylent Green
  • Wild Relatives
  • Idiocracy
  • The Road Warrior
  • Mon, 12.08.2019 19:30
    Acid Forest
    Kampnagel – Alabama
  • Mon, 12.08.2019 21:00
    Take Shelter
    Kampnagel – Alabama
  • Tue, 13.08.2019 22:00
    Soylent Green
    Kampnagel – Alabama
  • Mon, 19.08.2019 19:30
    Wild Relatives
    Kampnagel – Alabama
  • Mon, 19.08.2019 21:00
    Kampnagel – Alabama
  • Tue, 20.08.2019 22:00
    The Road Warrior
    Kampnagel – Alabama



Mark Peranson, the new Berlinale Program Director and long-time Program Director of Locarno Film Festival, has created a film program for the Summer Festival that expands the festival’s focus on dystopias, climate catastrophe and post-apocalypse with a cinematic perspective. Prior to selected films, Peranson will give a short introduction at the Alabama Cinema

MO 12.08. 19:30

(Litauen 2018, Director: Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, OmeU, 63 Min.)

Acid Forest is a breathtaking documentary about a dying forest in the border region of Lithuania and Russia. The death is caused by thousands of black birds, which ruin the area with their acid-enhanced excrements. The film premiered in 2018 at the Locarno Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion.

MO 12.08. 21:00

(USA 2011, Director: Jeff Nichols, OV, 121 Min.)

Worker Curtis LaForche lives with his wife and his hearing impaired daughter in a small town in Ohio. He is haunted by disturbing visions in which he sees a devastating storm coming up. More and more isolated from his environment, he grows into the idea of protecting his family from the upcoming event.

DI 13.08. 22:00

(USA 1973, Director: Richard Fleischer, OV, 97 Min.)

New York 2022. Police detective Thorn investigates the case of a murdered businessman who had contact with the Soylent food company. Persecuted by assassins and obstructed by superiors, he traces a frightening connection between funeral rites and food production. With its reference to the global warming effect, the film was the first “ecological dystopia” to illustrate the theses of the Club of Rome (“Limits to Growth”, 1972).

MO 19.08. 19:30

(Documentary, Germany / Lebanon / Norway 2018, Director: Jumana Manna, OmU, 70 Min.)

Deep below the ground in Norwegian permafrost, plant seeds from all over the world are stored in the “Svalbard Global Seed Vault” as a backup for emergencies. When an international agricultural research centre had to move from Aleppo to Lebanon during the war in Syria, a seed transaction took place between the Arctic and Lebanon. The film observes this travel with a meditative view on the individual participants, biological diversity and climate change.

MO 19.08. 21:00

(USA 2006, Director: Mike Judge, OmU, 84 Min.)

Luke Wilson wakes up after years of cold sleep in the stupid society of Idiocracy and suddenly is the smartest person in the world. Director Mike Judge mercilessly observes the madness of everyday life and uses it to create a bilious reckoning with a society that suffocates from its ignorance and arrogance.

DI 20.08. 22:00

(USA 1981, Director: George Miller, OmU, 95 Min.)

In the ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX II), Max, played by Mel Gibson, encounters in search of fuel a group of survivors defending a refinery. But also gangs are looking for their supplies. This movie was shot in the barren desert country of Australia and is now considered as an action masterpiece of over-excited psychedelic and post-apocalypse.

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