Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2019
Peaches presents: Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch:

Album Release Konzert / Support: Me And My Two Horses

  • Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch
  • Me And My Two Horses
  • Wed, 14.08.2019 21:30
    Kampnagel – KMH

Better than any vintage whiskey: Accompanied by renown guests, our all-time favorite diva sings new songs about strange characters.

Kampnagel’s hearts and doors open to Little Annie, who blazed trails for the raucous feminist pop-art of the riot grrrls, Peaches and others. At the tender age of 16, Annie sang about psychotropic drugs in front of Frank Zappa in New York with her band, Annie and the Asexuals. In the 1980s, she lived and played in a commune in England with the political punk band Crass. Back in New York, she became a performer, worked with Anohni, married a New York police chief and, 18 years ago, met musical chameleon Paul Wallfisch. The theater musician and SWANS keyboard player is, like Little Annie, a regular guest at Kampnagel, and is now accompanying her live, along with Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Ned Collette. The concert also marks the release of their third joint album of piano ballads for drinkers, “Enchantment or Bust.” LittleAnnie says it sounds like “Lou  Reed, Miles Davis and the Stylistics took good LSD together and then got a Hindu blessing from Alice Coltrane.” Anyone who has heard the devastating depth of Little Annie’s interpretation of “Private Dancer” knows that this is no empty promise. Support comes from Me And My Two Horses, whose hypnotically beautiful piano-driven songs break into disturbing noise escapades.


FAKA / Ziúr

Planningtorock & FRZNTE


„A New York baby and a London legend, survivor, impoverished icon... She of dripping truth, curling lip and glistening black eye.“ Anohni


FUNDED BY Kulturstiftung des Bundes during „20 Years of Peaches“ in cooperation
with Kunstverein in Hamburg. Support presented by Haspa Musik Stiftung in the series „Sounds like Hamburg“.

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