Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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  • Fri, 17.05.2019 10:00
    versch. Hallen free entrance
  • Sat, 18.05.2019 10:00
    versch. Hallen free entrance

The current participants of the international programme Szenenwechsel publicly exchange experiences and discuss potentials and perspectives of transnational cooperation.


10:00     History Repeating?
with Nora Amin, Helena Nassif (El Mawred, Managing Director) and Adel Abdel Wahab, moderated by Hatem Hasan Salama (mitOst)  
After the Arab Spring artists in the Arab region have been facing war, migration, changing political systems and repression. What does this mean for the work of the artists and for their international collaborations? How can artists who developed specific strategies share experiences transnationally? Can international collaboration be a resilience or resistance tool? How can we develop creative methodologies and new aesthetics within a transcultural group? Where does unequal distribution of resources still lead to unequal distribution of power? (k2)

11:30 + 14:00     Mobility Info Points: How they inform and advocate artists
Info Session with Touring Artists Germany, Czech Mobility Info, DutchCulture
Mobility Information Points (MIP) are information centres and/or websites in several European countries, and one in the USA, who aim to tackle administrative challenges that artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders. Relevant issues can be around visas, social security, taxation, customs etc. (Foyer)

16:00     FOLD YOUR WORLD – Expressions of Freedom with Theatre and Origami 
Workshop with Ossama Helmy and Lydia Ziemke
Each one of us is folded. We are folded by our decisions. Using Origami as a tool of expression on a stage we explore the process - the preparation, the direct experience and the reaction to an important decision in our lives.  (Migrantpolitan)

Divising a code for transnational work – Part I
Work Group moderated by Krystel Khoury (Open Border Ensemble Münchner Kammerspiele) and Fabian Lettow (kainkollektiv)
International collaborations - what does fair treatment and true solidarity mean when it comes to  working times, rehearsal conditions, pay...? On the base of the Fair Practice Code by Kunsten ’92 (NL) we are discussing a ‘codex’ for international collaboration from the pool of experiences within the programme. (rehearsal room 2nd floor)

Bosch Alumni Network – How to participate
Info Session with Darius Polok (International Alumni Center (iac), Berlin) 
The Bosch Alumni Network brings together former and current fellows, grantees and staff members of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and its partners. By connecting network members with common interests but different backgrounds, cross-sectoral exchange and international collaborations can be fostered. On this community is connected online. (rehearsal room 5th floor)


10:00     Reclaiming Spaces – Transnational Cooperations in Eastern Europe
with Nicoleta Esinencu, Tina Keserovic, Tomasz Kireńczuk and Nihad Kresevljakovic (tbc), moderated by Gabor Thury
The discussion will deal with strategies and possibilities of Eastern European artists in increasingly repressive political contexts and, on the other hand, with the possibilities and difficulties of international exchange - be it through collaborations or festivals. How can international alliances help to secure or create structural freedom? How can the balancing act between local connections and global networking succeed? For which audiences is the programme being curated? (k2)

11:30     workshop #youtoo
Artists Hana Tefrati (Germany/Morocco) and Shayma Shoukry (Egypt) invite women of all backgrounds and ages to take part in a workshop about gender-related violence. Together the participants try out and research different techniques for empowerment, protection, and the feeling of solidarity. (until 14:00 / venue tbc)

Divising a code for transnational work – Part II
Work Group moderated by Krystel Khoury (Open Border Ensemble Münchner Kammerspiele) and Fabian Lettow (kainkollektiv)
International collaborations - what does fair treatment and true solidarity mean when it comes to sharing time, space, working conditions and money? On the base of the Fair Practice Code by Kunsten ’92 (NL) we are discussing a ‘codex’ for international collaboration from the pool of experiences within the programme. (rehearsal room 2nd floor)

New strategies for transnational funding
Work Group moderated by Léna Szirmay-Kalos and Ahmed Eldeeb (Reflection for Arts, Training and Development, Alexandria)
Together with the participants, the working group briefly analyses difficulties of current funding models           and outlines requirements for future funding opportunities. The focus will be on transnational funding             for the performing arts and how funding schemes could better adopt to artists’ needs across borders.   (rehearsal room 5th floor)

17:00     Where From Here? 
with Amelie Deuflhard (tbc), Anne Fleckstein (Kulturstiftung des Bundes), European Cultural Foundation (tbc), co-moderated by Helena Nassif and Andrea Zagorski (ITI)
Transnational cooperations impose special challenges in many areas – project finances, schedules, communication among the artists in different cultural settings. The conditions of existing programmes sometimes impose barriers which add complications and turn solidary and fair cooperation even harder. The work groups will address these questions and the closing panel will wrap up the outcome. How better define the role and responsibilities of the performing arts institutions and funding bodies in the current political, social and economic context? (k2)

The Festival XCHANGES is an event by ITI in cooperation with Kampnagel, funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Produktionsleitung kunstwerk e.V.. Program curated by Branko Simic.

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