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Greatest Hits
Olga Neuwirth / Ensemble Resonanz:

In the Realms of the Unreal

  • © Peter Hundert

Brian Ferneyhough: Allgebrah
Olga Neuwirth: in the realms of the unreal

Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 4 G-Dur BWV 1049
Olga Neuwirth: Aello – Ballet mécanomorphe

»Greatest Hits«, the annual festival of contemporary music, promises hits from Bach to Varèse as well as very recent compositions. This year there is a special portrait series dedicated to the Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth. Ensemble Resonanz performs her »in the realms of the unreal« string quartet and her new work »Aello«, which refers to the equally resonant »Brandenburg Concerto No. 4« by Johann Sebastian Bach.

  • With: Ensemble Resonanz
  • Composition: Olga Neuwirth
  • Oboe: Piet van Bockstal
  • Flute: Claire Chase
  • Conductor: Johannes Fischer

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