Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2018
Michaela Melián / Barbara Morgenstern:


  • Michaela Melián
    © Thomas Meinecke
  • Barbara Morgenstern
    © Mara von Kummer
Music / Kampnagel / Wheelchair users
  • Wed, 22.08.2018 22:00
    Kampnagel – KMH

Welcome to Electric Ladyland!

Artist and musician Michaela Melián has had solo exhibitions in museums and art associations and has been playing in the discourse-pop collective F.S.K. since 1980. In her works, she combines electronically programmed and analog sounds to create fragile compositions reminiscent of pop, sound collage and club music. She describes music as a “thought- and production-space for gender, bodies, desire, technical gadgetry, where the rewind, play and forward buttons can be pressed simultaneously.” At the International Summer Festival, she is performing with Elen Harutyuyan and Ruth May (who is also designing the costumes for the project by Kante and Khoi Khonnexion). The three are staging chamber-musical versions of pieces from Melián’s solo albums, which have appeared on the label Monika Enterprise.

Also part of the Monika Enterprise universe is self-taught musician Barbara Morgenstern. Alongside her artistic work as a producer of theater music, for example for Rimini Protokoll’s work at this year’s International Summer Festival, Morgenstern has been a prominent figure in the Berlin electronic music scene thanks to her solo albums, remixes and countless musical collaborations (with, among others, To Rococo Rot or Robert Wyatt) for over 20 years. Her new album, “Live Fast, Die Young,” will be released in late 2018, and explores the diverse musical sounds of the harmonium, piano, xylophone and zither, and will be heard for the first time at the International Summer Festival in an exclusive prerelease concert.


The music program of the International Summer Festival 2018 is presented by ByteFM, Spex - Magazin für Popkultur and Hanseplatte.  

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